Johann Strauss Ensemble

The Johann Strauss Ensemble was founded by musicians of the renowned Bruckner Orchestra in Linz, Austria. Established in 1985 the Ensemble has forged an impressive international reputation, with highly successful performances in the European music centres of Paris, London, Monaco, Madrid, Rome, Brussels, Berlin, Zurich, Hamburg, Romania, Hungary, Salzburg and Vienna. As well as concerts in Japan and Russia the Ensemble has also toured to Australia.

The Ensemble performs in the original 'Stehgeiger' style adopted by Johann Strauß, where the leader is

the Conductor/Soloist at the same time.

The JSE is not only devoted to the works of its name-giving composer, but also to recent and present Viennese music, to the modern classic, to works of Strauß´s contemporaries and sacred music.

The musicians in the JSE have changed very little over the years, which has made it possible to build up an exciting performance rapport, repertoire and a unique style of playing.

The Repertoire of the Ensemble contains works of W.A.Mozart, J. Haydn ( Katharinen Tänze), Beethoven (Mödlinger und 11 Wiener Tänze), F. Schubert (Eccosaisen), J. Lanner, Kemeter, die Gebrüder Schramml, J. Fucik, A. Dvorak, Ph. Fahrbach, as well as the whole accomplishment of the family Strauß.

The Ensemble has performed many times for charities such as "NACHBAR IN NOT", (ex Jugoslavia) "CF KINDER ", "DR CHRISTIAN BARNARD STIFTUNG " and Zimbabwe-Hilfe!

In the Strauß-year 1999 the Ensemble played in cities like London, Tokyo, Vienna, Taipeh, Holland and Belgium and finished with the program "DU DONAU, DU .....", with works by Roland Neuwirth, (Friedenswalzer) Werner Steinmetz (Kurz und Bündig, Scherzett) Werner Pirchner (Hochzeitswalzer) und Manfred Kammerhofer (Klangszenenwalzer) known paths to present the audience on the turn to the millennium the new Wienermusik.

In 2003 Russell McGregor was appointed as musical director for the Johann Strauss Ensemble.